The Quidity Plus Account is simple to use. As soon as you have received your card you can be up and running in minutes. Once activated, you just need to load via one of several quick and easy methods and you can start using the card to spend however and wherever you want.

Step 1


You can load your Quidity Plus Account in a number of ways. Choose the best way to suit you and load the funds you need.

Debit Card – FREE

You can load your Quidity Plus Account using a Debit card via your online account or mobile app. Load is credited immediately if you load via the app, or within 48 hours when done online.

Bank Transfer – FREE

If you want to transfer money from a bank account, simply use your own sort-code and account number, which are displayed in your online MyAccount and on your card. You can make a Bank transfer via internet banking or by phoning the bank. Load will be credited on the same day we receive the funds.

Wage Transfer – FREE

Your Quidity Plus Account comes with a unique sort-code and account number. Please inform your employer of these and they will make sure your wages are paid in.

At any Post Office – FREE

You can load cash at any Post Office counter. Load will be credited on the next business day. Click here to find your nearest Post Office.

At any PayPoint location – 2.5% charge

You can also load at any PayPoint outlet. Load amount will be credited immediately. Click here to find your nearest PayPoint outlet.

Credit Card – 4% charge

You can also load using a credit card via your online account or mobile app. Load is credited immediately if you load via the app, or within 48 hours when done online

Step 2


Secure, flexible spending at home or abroad. Shop securely online or instore, anywhere you see the Mastercard® acceptance mark – over 36 million locations worldwide.


The Quidity Plus Account is Contactless meaning that you can just tap and pay to quickly make everyday purchases. No more digging in your pocket for spare change. Use it wherever you see the Contactless symbol for transactions up to £30.

Faster Payments

You can make one off or recurring payments to other people. You can set these up in your online My Account.

Direct Debits

You can use your Quidity Plus Account to set up Direct Debits for things like magazine subscriptions or Gym memberships. When you get a membership, they will ask you for a sort-code and account number.


Manage your money wherever you are with the Quidity Plus Account mobile app or online with your MyAccount portal.

Quidity Plus Account App

Download Quidity Plus Account app from the Apple or Android app store. Once you have the app installed you can use it to:

  • View your balance and all transactions in real-time
  • Load funds
  • Set alerts
  • Manage your details

Your app is protected by a passcode and we’ll never store any of your financial details on the phone.

Myaccount online

Alternatively log into your Quidity Plus Account myaccount online to manage your account.

  • View your balance and all transactions in real-time
  • Load funds
  • Set alerts and notifications
  • Manage your details
  • PIN reveal
  • Order statements
  • Apply for an additional card

Step 4


Want to share your account with a loved one?

Whether it’s your partner, a child off to university or travelling abroad, even a flatmate or trusted friend, give them an easy way to access spending money when they need it with an additional card, tied to your main account balance. They can only spend what is loaded onto the card, so you stay in control.

Apply for an additional card by logging into your online myaccount



There are many benefits of an Quidity Plus Account. It allows you to take control of your money and load, shop and manage your account in many different ways.


Apply now

Apply Now

Anyone who lives in the UK and is over the age of 13 can apply for a Quidity Plus Account. We accept nearly everyone, and there are NO credit checks.


Need help? View our FAQ section VIEW FAQ'S

*We’re legally required to confirm your identity when we receive your application. As long as we can do this, you’ll receive a card that allows you use all the great stuff a Quidity Plus Account has to offer. If we’re not able to fully confirm your identity, you may receive a card that still lets you shop everywhere in the UK, but which has limited functionality.
The Quidity Plus Account Prepaid Mastercard® is issued by PrePay Technologies Limited pursuant to a licence by Mastercard International. PrePay Technologies Limited is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 (FRN: 900010) for the issuing of electronic money and payment instruments. Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.
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